Aurora 365nm UV LED Flashlight

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Aurora 365nm UV LED Flashlight

The Aurora 365nm UV LED flashlight is a Way Too Cool exclusive item. This handheld light puts unbelievable UV output in the palm of your hand. Four individual LEDs and an integrated fan are connected to the circuit board with plug-in connectors for easy, non-solder replacement of parts. The fan is designed to keep the LEDs cool for prolonged operation. This flashlight set comes with four 2,500 mA protected rechargeable Li-ION batteries, the filter glass pre-installed, and a USB 2 slot charger.

The flashlight has an ON/OFF Click switch in the tail cap. There is a high and a low power setting. When turned on it goes to the high setting, but slightly pressing the on/off button changes modes between high and low power.

Product Features

  • High performance 365 nm ultraviolet LED
  • 4 High Output UV-A LED elements
  • Integrated cooling fan for prolonged operation
  • Ergonomic knurling pattern offers a comfortable yet secure grip
  • Polished reflectors emit excellent beam shape

Product Specifications

  • ON/OFF Click switch in tail cap (High/Low Power Mode)
  • Battery 4x 18650 lithium-ion battery (protected)
  • Output - see description below
  • Dimensions 5.7" long x 1.9" diameter (body) x 2.7" (head)
  • Weight approximately 652g


The LED is a Class 3B LED hazard. Do NOT look directly into the beam of the flashlight and do not point it towards any eyes.

Battery and Charging Information

The batteries will arrive partially discharged because of postal regulations. You should consider fully charging the batteries before extended use. We provide 18650 batteries that have been tested to be between 2,500 mA and 3,000 mA.

The set also comes with a simple-to-use Li-ION smart USB charger. While the batteries are charging the LED will be red. When the batteries are fully charged, the LED turns a solid green and the batteries should be removed from the charger.