The Triple - Handheld UV Light

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The Triple - Handheld UV Light

"The Triple" from Way Too Cool is an ultra-portable handheld UV light that offers 3 wavelengths of UltraViolet light - shortwave, midwave, and longwave in the palm of your hand! This is NOT intended to be a display lamp and it cannot be run for many hours at a time, it is intended for intermittent use. There is a thermal switch that will turn off the ballast if it gets too hot. The unit also has a port on the side for an external 8.4 volt, 1,000 milli-amp power supply which can either operate the fixture, or charge the batteries, but not both.

The Triple Handheld UV Light (HOYA glass upgrade) includes light, two phosphor sheets, two 18650 batteries and a charger.

The basic unit emits UV C ultraviolet radiation and a small amount of visible purple light along with the UV. This visible light is coming through the purple filter glass and it will make some items look slightly purple even though the item is not actually fluorescing purple. Stored in the back of the unit are two very special sheets of white plastic. One of these sheets converts the UV C to UV A and the other sheet converts the UV C to UV B. The UV B sheet is marked with an "M" and the UV A sheet is marked with a "L". To change the wavelength, open the back of the unit as you would to change the batteries, take out one of the wavelength changing sheets and slide it into the slot on the end of the unit. Depending on which sheet you put in the slot, the unit will now emit UV B or UV A. Of course, if you put the sheet only halfway, then a combination of UV is emitted.

Product Features

  • Handheld UV light with shortwave bulb
  • Can output mid-wave and longwave with included phosphor sheets
  • Runs on 2 rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion batteries (included)
  • Special reflector material for maximum UV output

Product Specifications

  • ON/OFF slide switch
  • Bulb 5-watt UV bulb
  • Battery two standard 18650 lithium-ion battery (protected)
  • Dimensions 5" (125mm) long x 3 1/4" (81mm) wide x 1 1/8" (27mm) tall
  • Weight approximately 180g


Do not expose your skin or eyes to the UV rays emitted from this lamp. Sunburn will result from over-exposure. Due diligence and all normal safety precautions need to be followed at all times. Children should not use this unit unless supervised by an adult. It is recommended that eye protection such as UV blocking safety glasses should be worn as protection against accidental exposure to the eyes. Sun-block, gloves, or protective clothing are also recommended to protect the skin when using the lamp fixture. Do NOT shine the rays from this unit at any eyes or skin. SW & MW (short-wave, UV C & mid-wave UV B) ultraviolet light/radiation causes sunburn. Ultraviolet radiation of all wavelengths may cause damage.

Battery and Charging Information

The light comes with two 18650 protected rechargeable Li-ION batteries, phosphor sheets, the filter pre-installed and a charger for 2 batteries. Protected batteries are used so that if one battery is dead and the other is fully charged, there will not be high current flows that might overheat the wiring. When using 2500 mA capacity batteries, runtime is approximately 2.5 hours.

The batteries will arrive partially discharged because of postal regulations and should be charged prior to use. Please be aware that some manufacturers claim that their 18650 batteries are rated for up to 9,900 mA and that any value over 3,500 mA should be suspected of exaggerating.

The set also comes with a simple-to-use Li-ION smart USB charger. While the batteries are charging the LED will be red. When the batteries are fully charged, the LED turns a solid green and the batteries should be removed from the charger.