WTC Mini 365nm UV Flashlight

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WTC Mini 365nm UV Flashlight

The "WTC Mini" is an ultra-compact and portable UV flashlight from Way Too Cool. This 4-inch long light has an impressive 3-watt LED driver to help you locate fluorescent minerals and other fluorescent objects. Whether you are a hobbyist or just getting started in the fluorescent mineral world, the WTC Mini light provides outstanding value for the price. This is a great way to get started with fluorescent mineral identification.

WTC Mini UV Flashlight includes light and micro USB charging cord.

Product Features

  • Handheld UV flashlight
  • Lightweight, compact size goes anywhere
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Charge with included 6-inch Micro USB cord
  • Can run from a USB power bank (not included)

Product Specifications

  • ON/OFF button on tailcap
  • Bulb 3-watt 365nm UV LED
  • Battery internal rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions 4" (103mm) long x 0.9" (24mm) width
  • Weight 3.1 ounces / 90g


Do not expose your skin or eyes to the UV rays emitted from this lamp. Sunburn will result from over-exposure. Due diligence and all normal safety precautions need to be followed at all times. Children should not use this unit unless supervised by an adult. It is recommended that eye protection such as UV blocking safety glasses should be worn as protection against accidental exposure to the eyes. Sun-block, gloves, or protective clothing are also recommended to protect the skin when using the lamp fixture. Do NOT shine the rays from this unit at any eyes or skin. SW & MW (short-wave, UV C & mid-wave UV B) ultraviolet light/radiation causes sunburn. Ultraviolet radiation of all wavelengths may cause damage.

Battery and Charging Information

The light will arrive partially discharged because of postal regulations and should be charged prior to use. The light can be recharged with the included Micro USB cable. While the battery is charging the LED will be red. When the battery is fully charged, the LED turns a solid green and the charging cable should be removed from the light.

Patent Information

William Gardner has US Patent #7781751 for the use of colored glass absorption filters (and other kinds of wavelength changing absorption filters for use with UV LED battery operated devices). If someone imports, makes, uses, offers to sell, or sells filtered UV LED flashlights in the U.S., using colored glass absorption filters such as Hoya glass, Kokomo glass, or ZWB2 glass, they are infringing U.S. Patent no. 7781751 . William Gardner has authorized Way Too Cool, LLC to use his patent and he is willing to license the use of the patent to other manufacturers of filtered UV LED Flashlights and similar UV battery operated devices. If you buy a filtered UV flashlight or other similar battery operated product that does NOT have U.S. Patent number 7781751 on it - please be aware that it is COUNTERFEIT and that selling it, or purchasing it, infringes on the patent and is illegal.